Phono Solar Australia wird in Sydney eröffnet


Phono Solar, a Global leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products today announced that its Australian office located in Sydney Australia officially opened. The office will be responsible for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and other South Pacific Islands. The office will provide local sales, quality assurance, customer service, logistics and renewable energy project development services. Additional to these functions will be the establishment of downstream partners and where required localized support teams within the various regions.

The opening of this office in Australia demonstrates Phono Solar's commitment to the region. Since 2009, Federal government stimulus programs, including rebates, solar credits and state-level subsidies, have driven rapid development of the PV market in Australia. Phono Solar business in Australia was established in 2009 and after a diligent evaluation process, has established a solid and committed distribution network. Phono Solar's superior product quality and excellent product performance ensures protection for Australia's renewable energy power plant investment customers.

Phono Solar's parent company SUMEC GROUP has 36-year of global trading experience. In addition to producing solar products, Phono Solar provides customers with a range of value added services including finance, logistics, and Turnkey solutions. Therefore, Phono Solar has become recognised in Australia as an Energy Solutions Provider. The newly appointed VP of Phono Solar Australia Mr. Phillip Butterworth said: "The establishment of office in Australia is an important step to Phono Solar providing localized support. The Phono Solar brand in Australia has already been involved in both the residential and commercial market sectors and the brand has also been widely recognised by customers. The focus is to remain close with our customer, providing them with visible, tangible and reliable service"

As a provider of renewable energy, Phono Solar through its office in Australia , will not only provide products and services, but will also participate in the development of local projects. The Australian office will bring opportunities to their partners, industry associations, research institutions, government departments to ensure the continued development of the Renewable Energy sector in Australia. Phono Solar Vice President Mr. Richard Geng, said: "Establishing an office in Australia, is an important part of Phono Solar's global marketing strategy. The objective is to become one of Australia's top providers of photovoltaic solutions. Progress has been made, but the commitment is to continue to expand the Phono Solar brand in Australia through providing reliable products and unequalled service."