Dual-Glas-Modul von Phono Solar erhält die Brandschutzzertifizierung der Klasse A der IEC



Recently, Phono Solar, a leading global provider of new energy integration solution, announced that its Dual Glass PV module has successfully passed the fire prevention test of the highest level under IEC 61730 Standard, in TUV SUD Certification Center, a leading global quality and safety service institution, and has obtained the Class A fire prevention certification.

Dual Glass module of Phono Solar is manufactured using float glass with a thickness of 2.5mm on both the front and rear side of the module, replacing the traditional PV back sheet. Due to special materials and structure, Dual Glass module effectively improves the durability and weather ability of PV modules under special environments, such as dust, salt fog, high temperature and humidity, etc. For PV plants in deserts and coastal areas with frequent extreme weather, Dual Glass module is an undoubtedly ideal choice. The successful pass of fire prevention test of the highest level also amply proves the fire prevention security of Dual Glass module of Phono Solar when it is used in roof system.

Yuan Quan, the market manager of Phono Solar, said: “after standard PV module obtained the newest UL Type1 fire prevention certification, Dual Glass module has obtained the Class A fire prevention certification of IEC. Module of Phono Solar takes the lead in obtaining the highest fire rating certification of European Standard and American Standard consecutively in the industry. We will keep on implementing the market-oriented policy and continuously make breakthroughs.”