Expandieren in Lateinamerika - Phono Solar zur CIREC 2019 eingeladen


As coal and diesel can’t meet its increasing energy demand, Chile has been seen as a country heavily relying on imported fuel. Heavy reliance on fossil fuels and abundant solar and wind resources arouses the interest of local people in rapid development of renewable energy technology. Since 2013, Chile has developed nto one of the fastest-growing new energy markets in the world today.


In September 2018, the total installed capacity of solar PV projects in Chile reached 2.38 GW. The renewable energy target announced by Chile is that the proportion of renewable energy will reach 60% and 70% in 2035 and 2050 respectively. Given the current development process of renewable energy technology, the target is highly possible to be achieved in advance.

In early April of this year, Phono Solar was invited to CIREC 2019 held in Santiago, the capital of Chile and the roundtable forum to exchange ideas on market opportunities and development strategies under the development plan for PMGD distributed projects in Chile with other guests, introduce the technical advantage of its products and share its experience in successful project development in the Chilean market.  

As a world-leading high-performance product manufacturer, Phono Solar started to explore the Chilean market in 2013. In September 2018, Phono Solar undertook and completed a 36-MW solar PV power station project consisting of 10 3.6-MW sub power stations including Las Turcas, El Pitio, etc and connected the project to the grid. Currently, the project runs well. For almost six months since the project was connected to the grid, the project has been praised by project investors and owners for better-than-expected electric energy production.

According to the relevant person in charge of overseas business development of Phono Solar, “we have a mature module R&D and marketing team and a project development and operation team. On one hand, we will improve output power of PV modules through technology R&D and process equipment optimization. For example, the maximum power of PV module products will increase by at least 15 W every year. We mainly focus on PERC 385 W monocrystalline half-cut modules in the Chilean market at present and will focus on PERC 405 W monocrystalline half-cut modules in the next half year. On the other hand, we will improve the power generation efficiency of PV power stations as a whole through technical innovation and design optimization on the project side. For example, the combination of double-sided double-glass MBB modules, biaxial Tracking supports and 1500 V high-power string inverters can reduce the cost of auxiliary equipment and improve power generation efficiency at the same time.”

Phono Solar has been devoted to creating a “new business card” for high-end PV manufacture in China and providing high-quality, high-efficiency and high-reliability products for the world. At present, Phono Solar has built a mature and reliable channel supply system and reduced the products’ levelized cost of electricity of through upgraded technology of products and optimization of production and supply chains, so as to provide better products and services for Chile and the whole Latin America market.