Phono Solar unterzeichnet 500MW-Liefervertrag mit Wattkraft


January 15, 2020, Phono Solar, a subsidiary of SUMEC Energy, announced that it has signed a 500MW PV module supply agreement with Wattkraft, a German distributor and engineering system integrator, in the following years from 2020 to 2021. Under the agreement, Phono Solar will work with Wattkraft to supply a total 500MW of highly efficient solar modules to the German-dominated European market over the next two years. This is the third significant collaboration between Phono Solar and WattKraft since 2017.

Deputy general manager of SUMEC Group, chairman of SUMEC Energy, Yongchuan Jin, general manager of SUMEC Energy, Jian Wang, vice general manager of SUMEC Energy, minister of Phono Solar division, Xingguo Zhao, minister of international business division of Phono Solar, Daren Shi, CEO of Wattkraft, Giovanni Migliore and other guests attended the signing ceremony. All the guests visited SUMEC Group headquarter after the ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, the two sides introduced their respective business sectors and development ideas, reviewed and summarized the friendly and efficient cooperation in the past two years, and conducted in-depth discussions on the photovoltaic supply cooperation in the coming year, the joint exploration of new growth areas and cooperation methods.

Wattkraft has been deeply involved in the solar market in Europe for several years, especially in Germany. Wattkraft is a strategic partner of Phono Solar in Europe market. Giovanni Migliore, CEO of Wattkraft said, ‘We are pleased to have found a reliable brand like Phono Solar in a global solar market that requires a high level of flexibility and competitiveness. Since our cooperation, we have worked out development strategies and grown together. Phono Solar provides high quality, high efficiency and high stability products, enabling Wattkraft to generate new value-added services in distribution and continuously improve our customer satisfaction.’

European market is the cradle of Phono Solar brand overseas. The distribution channel development in Europe of Phono Solar has never stopped. Through nearly a decade of continuous market exploitation, Phono Solar has now established a mature and reliable supply system in Europe, which is inseparable from its continuous efforts and improvement internally.

‘We are committed to optimizing LCOE and providing competitive clean energy to our global customers,’ minister of international business division of Phono Solar, Daren Shi said, ‘Germany is one of Phono Solar’s most important international markets, the company attaches great importance to developing long-term strategic partners in Germany. In the future, we will work closely with Wattkraft. Phono Solar’s high efficient solar products sales will continue to grow with the help of Wattkraft's extensive distribution channels.’