Phono Solar wurde 2021 als Australiens beste Markenliste für Photovoltaikmodule ausgewählt


March 12, 2021, Clean Energy Reviews, an Australia based consulting agency of renewable industry, released the Best Solar Panels 2021 List. Phono Solar was awarded Best Value Solar Panel Manufacturers and its 375W TwinPlus solar module was selected as Most Efficient Solar Panel.

Clean Energy Reviews (CER) is a leading independent consulting agency that focuses on helping consumers and solar professionals choose solar photovoltaic modules, inverters and energy storage systems with the best quality and most reliable performance. In detail, CER conducts tests and analysis on solar products, receives feedback from product installers and professionals, reviews and evaluates products from the perspectives of product reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality, function, efficiency, and quality assurance details. It eventually concludes which brands can provide the most reliable and high-quality products, and which product manufacturers can supply the best quality and service.

CER compiled the list of "Best Value Solar Panel Manufacturers" based on the evaluation and feedback of hundreds of professionals with profound experience in the solar industry. Meanwhile, it comparatively analyzes the conversion efficiency of different solar modules to publish the list of Most Efficient Solar Panels 2021, Phono Solar TwinPlus solar module was included.

As one of the Best Seller of Phono Solar, 166mm TwinPlus solar module has maintained higher cost efficiency, which can reach up to 455W power output on basis of 72 solar cell. Combined with MBB and Half-cut technique, it significantly increases the power generation. By utilizing 9 busbars, 166mm Twinplus module lowers possibility of micro-crack and enhance mechanical performance, which provides guarantee for the long time and stable operation of projects.

As a Chinese State-owned enterprise doing business in a global scope, Phono Solar has implemented strategy of localization for many years, establishing solid channel system in Australia. It is committed to providing customers with differentiated products of high quality, high reliability, and cost-effectiveness, as well as completed and exclusive after-sales service to secure long-lasting operation of solar system.